Purchasing laboratory equipment

Before purchasing new equipment for your lab, please email Chris Crossfield (chris.crossfield@ubc.ca), copying Katherine Rhodes (krhodes@brain.ubc.ca) for DMCBH lab purchases within 2215 Wesbrook Mall, or Melanie Bertrand (mbertrand@brain.ubc.ca) for DMCBH lab purchases within 2211 Wesbrook Mall.

You must obtain written approval from Chris Crossfield prior to purchasing large equipment.

Approval for large purchases is granted based on but not limited to space requirements, allocation, funding, and installation costs. 

If the request is not granted, the new equipment cannot be brought into DMCBH facilties.

Ultra-low (minus 80) freezers

Replacing an existing freezer may not require a space allocation assessment, however you must notify Chris Crossfield et al of the power and electrical needs of the new freezer before making the purchase.

Purchasing lab must arrange and pay for the draining of coolant of old freezer prior to replacement.

DMCBH staff will organize the disposal of the old freezer during a regularly scheduled equipment disposal. If the purchasing lab requires the equipment to be removed prior to this, the lab will arrange privately and absorb the costs associated with the disposal. 


If space allocation is approved for the ultra low, the electrical work can proceed to accommodate the new freezer.

The new freezer cannot be delivered prior to the completion of any electrical work or without approval from DMCBH staff.

The following energy efficient, low heat emission freezers are approved for new purchase as of January 01 2017 in CBH:  

  • Thermo-Fisher TSX
  • Panasonic EcoVIP
  • Stirling Ultracold
  • Other energy efficient models with the same or better efficiency will be considered 

Labs are encouraged to share ultra low freezers when possible.